Annabel Keatley

I have shown Annabel's work before in Group Exhibitions and always seem to have an extremely positive reaction to her work. They are often the happiest paintings in the room.  Hopefully this let's you know a bit more about her.

Annabel lives and works at home on a mountainside over-looking the Mediterranean sea an hour from Granada, Andalucia. Surrounded by mango and almond orchards, lavender, thyme  and olive trees, she works in her open air studio melting beeswax to combine with oil paint and varnish, sand and earth.  Her work is infused with the warmth of the sun. She is a slow painter, working spontaneously but also with an inherent attention to detail.

Annabel is a self taught papermaker. She gathers local plants and grasses and constructs large light filled multi media  collage pieces and unique book forms with the resulting papers. She embosses, stitches and uses etching techniques to add details and texture to these papers, which provide a beautiful natural surface to work with.

Recently Annabel has begun mixed media work with water based media and continues to work outside with watercolour.
A competent, patient, uplifting and inspiring teacher, Annabel gives workshops in all these techniques when she's not working  towards a show.
  In 2016 the gallery 1de7 Espacio del Autor, Seville, presented her large scale paper work 'From Air to Earth'  as  Guest Artist at the prestigious  Seville Art Fair,  and later invited her to show both paintings and paper works at her solo show the same year.
Annabels latest solo show was at The Rowley Gallery,  London in 2019. On exhibition were her small oils, watercolours, handmade books and sketch books.
She also exhibits in Spain, and is a member of the Costa del Arte Collective.

Large oils like "Burning Bright" 100cm x 140cm, convey  perfectly her absolute love of the vaste and open spaces of the sometimes desert-like areas of Andalucia, sun and light drenched, and dotted with olive and almond trees, along with the beauty of the sunrise and clarity of the blue skies. 

We are showing two other pieces of hers in this current show, After the Storm and Indian Heat.

Jane Brayne

Moorwood Art is a big fan of Jane’s work and has shown her work for many years now but this year there has been an exciting shift in her painting. It has become larger and more directly intense with the subjects she is choosing and the way the paint becomes part of the paper.

Jane’s new paintings are portraits of native trees. These are big watercolours, direct and technically challenging, relating to the scale of trees and reflecting a sense of their presence. We have lived among these trees for thousands of years, imbuing them with stories and myths; individual trees have been held sacred. Our ancestors depended on woodland for food, shelter, warmth and much more. Their knowledge is lost to most of us but our intimacy with the trees remains.

Jane works on paper handmade by Two Rivers Mill, in Somerset, using large brushes and drawing out the wet paint with sticks. As a painter and draftswoman she is interested in the nature and balance of colours, lines, shapes and the spaces between.  For many years Jane collaborated with archaeologists to illustrate places and people of the past, giving her an understanding of our profound and ancient relationship with the landscape. From this she draws her subjects. 

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