The Space Between

The Space Between focuses on designing immersive art installations that respond to the pervasive social phenomena of urgency fatigue. Ellen and Alex work internationally, designing and creating environments and experiences that magnify pauses; Pauses that most of us have learned to ignore.

"We focus on the space between urgencies, and help individuals, communities and organisations to identify and lean into the often unfamiliar comfort of being open to uncertainty. Our work intends to expand and improve access to novel perspectives, deeper understanding, alternative narratives and new opportunities."

Ellen and Alex have created installations for exhibitors including The Royal Society of Arts in London, Amsterdam and UNESCO and work closely with leading Futures Oriented museums and organisations across the world.

'Framed', on exhibition at Moorwood Art, is an interactive piece that investigates liminality as a portal to connect more meaningfully, not just with our environment, but with the greater experience of life itself.

The pods encourage us to stop and notice moments and places we may otherwise take for granted and pass by. The sculptures invite us to dwell in that space; and by so-doing to (re)connect more regularly and more deeply with what is immediately around us.

Work by The Space Between

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