Sophie Drinkall

Sophie Drinkall has always been interested in exploring the perennial questions of life through her work. She hopes to provoke discussion and to encourage curiosity and debate through her whilst remaining deferential to solid craftsmanship. History remains important to her but as a means of exploring the present whilst mindful of the future.

Sophie originally studied History of Art at Edinburgh University and then went on to study at City and Guilds of London Art School where she achieved a 1st class degree in Fine Art and won the Guild of Painter Stainers Award in 1997. In 2005 she returned to study and has an Msc in Psychotherapy. She is grateful to her clients for their perspective on the existential questions that continue to inform her artwork.

She lives and works in Scotland.


Tabula Rasa – “Clean Slate”  Commission taken, please note they will all be different as the tiles were all hand cut.

Hugh MacDiarmid – “There are plenty of ruined buildings in the world but no ruined stones”.

The piece is carved on to a Georgian roof tile. Is it no longer fit for purpose? Why is it broken? Is there such a thing as a clean slate? What is the purpose of immortalising it in a modern frame with a big philosophical question scoured into it? (John Locke’s Empiricism vs Fodor’s Nativism/ Aristotle vs Plato)


Mystery – Only the curious find life a mystery.  Commissions taken , Edition 2/12

Sandblasted glass. The image is as much about the shadow cast as the image etched into the glass. Shadow art and layering is something Sophie continues to explore. This piece first emerged out of a straightforward quote commissioned for a hidden garden. It was the way the light hit or failed to hit the stone at different times of the day leaving the quote readable or unseen that provoked her into thinking more about shadows, puzzles and acrostics - though perhaps not strictly speaking an acrostic. Curiosity is something Sophie is passionate about!

Work by Sophie Drinkall

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