Robyn Neild

Neild spent many years a a professional illustrator, a degree in fashion design started her career as a fashion illustrator for magazines such as Vogue and Glamour, and advertising campaigns for London retailers Liberty, Harvey Nichols & Harrods. So the human body has always been a strong focus, a vessel that carries various characters and stories and, at the same time, in constant motion. 

After moving to the Kent coast, and collaborating with a local bronze foundry Neild was able to realise a dream to start creating her drawings into 3-D 

Sculptures are created and cast in her coastal studio, no moulds are used, so no two bronzes are the same.

Sculptures are modelled with wax, fabric, paper, plant life, driftwood, roots, seaweed. If you look carefully at the surface of some of the bronzes they carry the pattern of her fingerprints as they move, swirl, and form the wax, building up the layers.

 Figurative work embody change, transformation and liberation, strong female bodies - resistant and seemingly fragile at the same time. Neild creates a knotted complexity from plant life such as bramble or cherry blossom to create barriers , limits, fears, potential, aspirations.The gaps & pauses in the bronze create an unfinished quality that connections with the viewer speaking of a life lived, with loss, resilience… a living being not just ornament to be viewed.

Work by Robyn Neild

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