Nigel Ross

His work is inspired by the rhythms of nature, landscape, and the art of celtic and pictish cultures. Wood is a warm and tactile material. The carvings are made to be appreciated as seating as well as being enjoyed as sculpture. 

Nigel Ross has spent a life working with trees. Nigel seeks to save tree trunks from logging and planking and so he sculpts them into abstract, organic forms. Much of Nigel's work is functional. His benches have been commissioned throughout the UK, Europe, the USA and Canada.  This sculpture is made to be sat on and enjoyed. Please relax while you appreciate his work and the warm wood.

 Trees and wood are a central theme within Nigel Ross’ life. Indeed, his art practice emerged from an early career working in forestry on Isle of Arran in Scotland, and by the mid-nineties Ross was working fulltime as a sculptor and maker. Based in Perthshire in Scotland, Ross carves abstract sculpture and seating from entire trunks of fallen wood, creating continuous shapes and forms – the rhythms and energy of nature being a constant inspiration.

Ross first exhibited with New Art Centre in 2004 and again in 2007. Since then, his sculptural seating has become a permanent feature within the Sculpture Park. His works have been placed in private and public collections in the UK and the United States, including Canary Wharf (2004), Flow Gallery (2004) and the Woodland Trust.

Ross often works to commission, fabricating bespoke sculpture, seating and architectural interventions for both public and private spaces, nationally and internationally. 

Work by Nigel Ross

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