Aragorn Dick-Read

He was born and is based in the British Virgin Islands. He sculpts in copper, steel and wood but also creates wonderful drawings, prints and ceramics that are all reflective of his distinctive design style.  With a degree in History of Art from the UEA and many years of travel in diverse destinations from Papua New Guinea, South America, Africa, Russia and China, his work has developed into an imaginative blend of Tribal, Eastern and Western art traditions. His most acclaimed pieces are the Fire Sculptures, huge steel spheres, cubes or pyramids with intricately cut out designs that come alive with irresistible allure when filled with fire, especially when displayed on water. Aragorn has exhibited in New York, London, China and in many shows throughout the Caribbean. He works on commissions for private clients and his artwork is shipped all over the world.  His studio is in the BVI and he and his wife run a Local Centre for Caribbean Artisans and a very popular Full Moon Party once a month where his Fire Sculptures are placed on the shallow waves of a beach and are enjoyed by many!

Work by Aragorn Dick-Read

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