It took some 15 years gestation and several attemps before what Sam Vado felt could be realised in three dimensions.  Three circles were formed, the lower one representing the initial globe, the upper one representing empty space and the greater circle circumscribing the whole.  Form that is not there.

There is no agreed language of form in art because we always  meet the limit of relativity: 'that's just your point of view' and take the right to share or reject, as neurotic or bland, cash and carry art. We have eaten not digested relativity.

The insights of Zen have not been surpassed, and being so simple do nto depend on intellect or argument but a clear seeing.

It is the relativity of oneself; the net of ideas about oneself, being born and dying, who I am, that constrains us, takes us away from simply being.

If all ideas are relative, what is it to see without ideas, no mind? Perhaps this precious self is only the seedcase of consciousness, and we drift on bigger currents, with no more personal purpose than to meet the ocean. How much freedom can we cope with? This 4D sphere is a window, a view outwards from our continuity of self insistence, an unframed look, and a let go.

Various people have been commissioned to make versions with other materials, ceramic cast bronze, cast glass, cast silver, steel sheet and woven willow to give a few. All extraordinary.

Sam Vado is based in the Lizard in Cornwall and has been producing these sculptures since the 1970's.

Work by Samvado

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