Sam Travers

Sam's primary interest is painting the English landscape and his surroundings. He has been working full time as an artist since 2017. He has exhibited in London and regional galleries and also exhibitions including the Royal West of England Academy and the Bath Society of Artists. He studied History of Art at UCL and Paper Conservation at Camberwell and went on to become a Specialist in 19th Century Paintings for Bonhams Auctioneers before turning to painting full time.

There are figurative and abstract elements in his work, with the only constant being a joy in the medium, whether that be paint, charcoal, collage and others.

Sam works in a studio he built just outside of Holt near Bath. The majority of the paintings start as sketches done directly from nature, some brief, some more developed. The ideas are then developed in the studio. Sam also works in collage, using a different medium to get at the same subject using a different language. The tension between the clarity of the original vision and the process of development of the idea in the studio is at the heart of what he does.


Work by Sam Travers

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