Richard Pomeroy

Richard founded the Richard Pomeroy Gallery now the Purdy Hicks Gallery in London in the 80s. He paints and draws all the time but actually turns to drawing as a way of going back to basecamp and gives him a time of contemplation. He starts drawing in front of the subject, so his winter beech trees are done sitting in the cold on a canvas stool until he can't hold the pencil steady! The flowers he brings into the studio, though studio in St Lucia was a balcony where he was distracted by bright lizards, microscopic spiders, giant moths, rats and the ever-present mosquito. Many of the English garden flowers, seen here, are from Penny Hobhouse's garden. He enjoys the concentration required to get the detail right and the opportunity to study these wonderful plants. He exhibits throughout the UK regularly and often in London. His work is in many collections around the world.

Work by Richard Pomeroy

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