Polly Hughes

Polly began working in clay in her early ‘20s inspired by traditional potters she encountered while travelling in Asia, Africa and the Middle East for a documentary television company. Her love of ceramics developed further during this time under the guidance of inspiring teachers including Joanna Howells and Chris Keenan who taught her to throw both earthenware and stoneware. Polly’s work is very simple and reflects the fluidity of the porcelain– the process and physicality of throwing at the wheel and its meditative qualities being as important as the finished piece of work. She likes clean and pure designs creating a delicate rhythm and uses natural forms for decoration like seedpods and sticks. Her works consists of subtly different shapes, which work together as a group or as sets. Most of the pieces are glazed with traditional porcelain celadon glazes as well as those she has developed herself.

Work by Polly Hughes

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