Vivienne Williams

Her subject matter is still life - vessels, flowers and fruit. She paints everything from her mind, imagination and memory, preferring a flattened perspective with simplified forms. There is an emotional significance invested in the objects by returning to them again and again - like working a seam, one painting leads on to the next.

Colour, form and texture are equally important. The elements within a painting are re- arranged and painted over many times - it is a balancing act, deciding what to leave in and what to leave out. In this way, layers of paint are built up until ordinary paper takes on the feel and weight of old leather. The surface texture is energetically worked and re-worked, scratched, sanded and stained. This is very exciting because at any moment during this process there is an opportunity for a painting to emerge. If the painting is true, she believes you paint your own state of mind. It records who you are and how you feel - your own inner landscape. It always astonishes her when the battle on the paper resolves itself into a calm painting.

Work by Vivienne Williams

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