Tin Odescalchi

Tin Odescalchi trained at Gloucestershire College of Art in the 1980's and later under Rudolph Hausner at the Vienna Academie. She has exhibited in many notable locations in London, USA and Hong Kong as well as the provinces and Scotland. Working with great immediacy direct from the subject with bold mark-making, Tin's paintings fall within the traditional conception of landscape composition but also display a primary concern for the performance of the paint itself. Her sculptural impasto, at times relieved with spacious glazes, truly constructs her imagery. 

After some health issues concerning oil paint, as a new move Tin is painting using wool and silk fibre as a medium. These pieces are totally unique and have come to be known a 'floating paintings'. They have been likened to "A 3D Turner in a perspex Box". Like her oils, she retains her interest in texture, but in these works the texture is gossamer-like.

She is also painting watercolour landscapes, focusing on the translucent and layered qualities of the paint to achieve her recognised sense of light. Also, more recently watercolour based mised meia, with a greater emphasis on line instead of mass, as previously.


Work by Tin Odescalchi

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