Thomas Newbolt

Thomas Newbolt was born in 1951 and studied at Camberwell School of Art from 1970-74. He exhibited at Roland Browse and Delbanco from1974-77, at Browse and Darby from 1977-2007 and now at Piano Nobile Fine Art. Thomas was Artist in Residence (Fellow Commoner in the Creative Arts) at Trinity College, Cambridge from 1979-81 and Harkness Fellow at the University of Virginia from 1981-83. He has taught at Camberwell, University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee 1983, Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge School of Art) and the Royal Drawing School.  He had a museum Exhibition in Mexico City in 2019. He also won the Ruth Borchard self-portrait  Prize in 2012.


Work by Thomas Newbolt

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