Lilith de Salis Piper

Lilith Piper (b.1999)  BA (Hons) Fine Art. Falmouth University 2020. Lilith has been broadening her practice, working in changing mediums and scale, in different artistic fields, such as set design, performance art and mural painting with numerous exhibitions and live events.  Through paint, textile, drawing, print and performance Lilith embodies ‘genius loci’ immersing herself in place not just in an observational way as she is interested in the enigmatic traces of past and present, the sacred and the spiritual. Always searching for the unseen energies transformed, flowing and flickering into existence like the fluid sounds of a song, she enjoys finding a deeper time through drawing. 

The Book of Lilith
is an authorial illustration, a palimpsest of ideas and an expression of my inner feelings of cosmology, womanhood and spirituality. It is hand bound and embossed concertina book 9” x 6”. Each book of the 50 limited edition is uniquely embellished.  It has been printed on the highest quality 320gsm Hahnemühle Fine Art paper. Figuratively it draws on mythological origins of the first woman preceding Eve and her relationship to the Adam and Eve story from The Bible. Lilith is a figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud (3rd to 5th centuries) and was the first woman the original female to equal male (Adam). 

Work by Lilith de Salis Piper

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