Karen Camkin

Foundation Cheltenham Art College

BA Fine Art Exeter Collage of Art and Design 

MA Fine Art Cheltenham 

"The inspiration for her landscapes is on her doorstep - she walks every day and she loves that the familiar is always so varied and fascinating. A shift in weather, a season shift and the colours change so dramatically and the light and the mood of a place is transformed.  She’ll come back to the studio with a head full of colours and shapes and make sketches that may become a larger painting.

 Flowers and nature have always held a deep fascination for her and can tap into our emotions and trigger our own store house of memories. Painting and the exploration and possibilities with the paint, are as important as the subject. Paintings are built up, scratched into, wiped out and worked into over and over again. They are intended to be intimate portraits, more about discovery than literal – capturing  what is moving and powerful about nature.”

Karen's work has been selected for The Discerning Eye, Lynn Painters and Stainers, The Sunday Times Watercolour  Competition, The Royal West of England Academy’s Autumn Exhibition and The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. 

Work by Karen Camkin

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