Juliet Duckworth

Juliet Duckworth has lived in Somerset for 16 years and her paintings are often inspired by the natural environment around her. Juliet likes to paint a subject within a background that is of the same importance, so that the dividing lines between it and its surroundings become equal. Recently she has looked at how lines mark, score and scar the landscape, dividing and demarking areas and enclosing shapes.  Sometimes using folding and stitching to allude to scars and repairs  she has responded to the drama of the landscape while acknowledging the fragility of the ever changing environment 

Having learnt to paint at evening classes in London in the late 1980's and having several solo and joint exhibitions, Juliet then had an extended break whilst bringing up children and living abroad.

More recently Juliet has exhibited locally at Somerset Arts Weeks, RWA, Moorwood Art, Nadia Waterfield Fine Art  and the Cottage Gallery, Wedmore and has studied with Dinah Sheddon, Robin Child, David Chandler, Patricia Gould, Saied Dai Anthony Connolly and  at Bath College.

She lives and works in this beautiful part of the world with her 4 daughters, their ponies, chickens and her dogs and cat.

Work by Juliet Duckworth

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