Julia Manning

Julia Manning RE SWLA  Printmaker

She has a beautiful studio in Somerset not far from The Somerset Levels.

Her inspiration comes from drawing in the wild and her observations and sketches made while walking alone. She loves wild open spaces like salt marshes, estuaries and Islands

The geology of islands. The colours and essence of different places. The patterns of nests, rock formations on which birds nest. Rocky outcrops over which sea birds glide.

With binoculars in hand, she seeks to observe scenarios and interactions between birds and animals - whether it is an exchange of glances or the movement of a bird in flight she tries to interpret that fleeting moment in sketch to later re-interpret in print in the studio. Her prints are a colourful celebration of the natural world.

She studied fine art at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham and for over 40 years she has earned her living with a paint brush. From portraits to trompe l’oeil, from murals to painted tapestries, always taking her inspiration from nature. Commissions came from all over the world.

She is a member of Make South West (The Devon Guild of Craftsmen) an was elected a Senior Fellow of The Royal Society Of Painter Printmakers (RE)  an elected member of The Society of Wildlife Artists (SWLA) and for 5 years was a member of Pine Feroda, 4 printmakers interpreting sea and rocks in wood cuts.

Recent Awards

Langford Press Printmaking Award.  SWLA Mall Galleries 2016

Mascot Media Nature in Print Award   SWLA Mall Galleries 2018

Ace Arts Nature in Art   Peoples choice Award  2018

Royal Academy summer Exhibition

Wells Contemporary International  2019

Wales Contemporary  2019

Conservation Through Art  Award   SWLA Mall Galleries  2021



Work by Julia Manning

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