Henrietta Hoyer Millar

Henrietta Hoyer Millar has been working seriously as an artist ever since she graduated from City and Guilds in 1986.  Her work has been commissioned and collected by institutions and collectors in London and beyond.   She paints with a playful attitude to technique. The paint is applied thickly and thinly, smudged, scratched and wiped.  This way of painting is open to accident, and is based upon the interaction of layers of paint and glaze, corresponds to the unpredictable effects of nature itself.  Hoyer Millar paints in oil on gessoed panels; despite this being an unusual choice in contemporary art, the wood gives nature a further part to play in the works, sometimes the grain is noticeable under the paint and where it has been scraped off.  The play of light she achieves within her paintings is a dramatic effect of nature at its best.

Work by Henrietta Hoyer Millar

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