Claire Lardner Burke

Claire started ceramics in 2008 at the Putney School of Art in London. It was an instant, surprising, falling in love. In 2015 she joined a shared community studio in Peckham Rye called The Kiln Rooms where she is happily at present.

Her work is inspired by the organic process of time upon things. The beautiful marks and colours created by age, decay and weathering particularly on rocks and stone. She seeks to capture something of this quiet beauty in her work, wanting her pieces to look as if they are made by nature itself. She hand builds individual one-o sculptural vessels by coiling with heavily grogged stoneware clay. The surfaces are left rough with the marks of their making still visible. Oxides and glazes are applied in multiple layers which when fired create an unpredictable, unique and unrepeatable beauty in each piece.

Work by Claire Lardner Burke

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