Natasha Durlacher

Having originally come from a fine art background, working as a set designer and muralist for film and theatre sets, she has used her camera since childhood as her recorder of visual memories, expression of ideas, emotions and  important moments in time. The enriching experience of working in the art world and having travelled extensively throughout the Far East inspired her to express herself and other peoples stories, through her photography. 

During these recent  periods of enforced isolation, images of solitary figures and empty spaces can emphasise feelings of melancholy, yet at a different moment in history these same images may be seem peaceful, calm and uplifting. 

For the past year during lockdown she has been trying to capture, as much as possible, our new way of life, with a strong focus on the stories of teenagers and young adults.

 Shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society International Open Call  

Honourable Mention in the International Photography Awards Pandemic Series.

Reviewed and featured in the Black + White photography magazine

Featured online in the Lens Culture 'Home 21' International Photo Prize 

Featured online in Vogue Italia

 'A New Dawn'   was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Show 2021.

I have self published my book ‘Together  Apart’  which is a collection of photographs documenting and expressing several of these themes during lockdown.

Winner ‘Portrait of Britain’ 

Work by Natasha Durlacher

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