Mark Pickthall

Torn between ceramics, photography and design, Mark went onto study Information design at the London College of Printing finishing with a 1st and worked in the UK, Hong Kong and Japan before setting up ionriver in London 20 years ago. 

Constantly pulled back to photography and Art direction he committed his energy to photography approx ten years ago and is constantly inspired on the environment that surrounds him.

He works for Art galleries, schools and private clients with a particular interest in music and the arts as well as weddings, events and particularly portraiture.

For the last four years he has visited the reed beds at Shapwick Heath and RSPB Ham wall to capture the murmurations during the dusk and dawn activity of the vast starling roost that is drawn to this area annually.

The Moon has also held a particular fascination and using star guide apps to predict the position of the rising moon he managed to capture the last super snow moon which happen at the right time with perfect weather.

Mark is interested in developing strong ties with artists to capture their work before it is sold so artists whether painters, potters, sculptures or any manner of craft work can achieve high quality images for use art galleries and for websites and publication.

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