Lily Purbrick

Currently studying Fine Art at Leeds University having just completed the Foundation course at Falmouth. At the moment her work is very experimental as she is trying to find her own individual style. She likes working in oils, acrylic paint, collage and different printing techniques. Over the course of this year she has become really intrigued by the affects of technology on herself and on others. She has mainly been focusing on the negative and social impacts of what social media has on her generation.  These affects include a demise in social skills and a rise in mental health issues. Using paint, collage and pencil drawings she has tried to portray her feelings in an abstract style. In developing her ideas she has decided to change direction and instead of trying to translate the negative issues of the technological generation she is aiming to achieve art work which transports the viewer to a state in which their minds are able to switch off. Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace and our bodies are not evolving at the same speed therefore it can have negatives affects on us mentally.  She hopes that her work can immerse and engage the viewer casing them to be shifted to a different state of consciousness, demanding the viewer to concentrate and exist solely in the present moment and in the now. Just like qualities you would achieve with meditation.

Work by Lily Purbrick

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