Laura Williams

Born in 1967, Laura describes herself as an interdisciplinary artist having a diverse education and background rooted in the arts for over 30 years. She embraces a variety of disciplines and materials.

‘’ Ever since I can remember I've drawn, painted, made and created.’’

She has worked in a variety of roles to support her art practice over the years from early days model making for large corporate exhibitions & events globally, then working at the Tate Gallery, Tate Modern (London) & Manchester Art Gallery in the conservation team as an Art Handler.

Laura was commissioned by Artists in Schools to collaborate and co-ordinate projects in primary schools, that later encouraged her to become a qualified teacher.

Hungry to learn about the world around her she has accumulated experiences that assist with making artworks that hope to engage the audience. She now lives in Bristol.

‘’My immediate environment(s) and beingness inspires me. I am attracted towards the aesthetic and tactile properties in the work I produce. Presently I am spending a lot of time gardening, especially during lock-down earlier this year. I have grown plants from seed and drawing them feels like a natural progression of where my focus has been. A celebration of life in simple terms.’’

Laura has a BA First Class Hons in Fine Art (1997)

Work by Laura Williams

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