Jane Sheppard

Jane has recently returned to her ceramics practice with her first solo exhibition in London a complete sell-out.  


She began her career as a Ceramics Technician in the 1991 whilst building her practice in handbuilt, smokefired ceramics which were exhibited nationally.  Already a qualilfied teacher, she became a full-time lecturer at Bath College and head of the Ceramics Department until 2006.


Jane’s interest is in mental health and spiritual development.  She has led many workshops in therapeutical use of ceramics and is an ordained Interfaith Minister.  Her work led her to take a sabbatical year in Africa researching the use of clay as a spiritual medium.  She has taught at the University of Namibia under funding from the British Council, also leading workshops in the Kalahari Desert by invitation of the  Potters Association of Namibia.


Neolithic pottery and artefacts inform Jane’s finely coiled vessels.  She works intuitively, drawing from global and timeless symbols which have become part of her poetic language.  Her vessels speak of layers of time and our fundamental humanitarian connections.  They are a call for contemplation,  conversation and enquiry.


Work by Jane Sheppard

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