Afsoon Shahriari

She is a self-taught artist from the city of Tehran. She is now living in Georgia as a Iranian Refugee. 

As a child she was always amused by art and paintings. Yet destiny took her to weaving and textile design for her BA Degree. In those years she used thread and their effects in the weaving to recreate some parts of nature as a fabric. Yet it did not satisfy her passion for painting.

Her artist life turned again as she engaged in a Master's Degree in the animation direction. It was a very different world from weaving and textile design. After completing her schooling she worked on many projects in the world of animation but the passion for painting was still there. She preferred to dedicate her time to just one frame so she decided to leave animation behind and returned to her childhood passion. She embarked on the task of really learning to draw. She used many of Michelangelo and Da Vinci's drawings as lessons to practice drawing and after much practice she felt able to draw and since she was familiar with the digital arts she choose the digital pen as her medium. 

Work by Afsoon Shahriari

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