George Bronwin

George is a self taught potter who has been making full time for almost three years. He grew up in mid Wales and started potting whilst at university in London. Following a short beginner course he continued throwing occasionally at a friends pottery in Somerset using books and youtube. After a number of years working abroad he returned to London and joined a shared ceramics studio in Hackney. In October 2019 George set up his first studio at his sister’s house in Islington and started potting full time. In the summer of 2020 he left London and relocated to the Quantock Hills, taking on an old friends pottery set in a converted stable in Over Stowey.


George’s work is thrown on the wheel in stoneware and porcelain. The work is heavily influenced by Kashan ceramics from the 12th/13th centuries. The leaf bowls are first thrown, painted with porcelain slip and then freestyle hand-painted with pigmented slip. The process is fluid and cannot be retouched, all done with one favoured squirrel hair brush. Some pieces once fired have bands of 24 carat gold lustre added, which is then fired for a third time.

Work by George Bronwin

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