Ellen Mulcrone

Some things she doesn’t do:

Specialise in one material

Work within one scale

Work within one theme

Work within one dimension

From willow to waste materials, acrylic to collage, metal to textile, 2D to 3D, she finds herself needing to output, creatively, a colour or emotion or message or experience. 

Sometimes this is to experience stillness and encourage self-reflection, another time to shed light on something that may have gone unnoticed or been forgotten.

Currently she is working on a series of paintings, with the driving force being an exploration of colour and form, abstracting the image so that our reactive beings are encouraged to focus on primarily their response to colour combination, pattern, and composition. 

She is also, always, creating or designing spaces. Different from a sculpture one observes, she wishes for her creations not only to be enjoyed for their form, but also to be entered and experienced from the inside. This is important. 

Cocoon-like spaces within which one can begin to settle in to stillness.

Art Foundation at Falmouth University

Degree in Design and Craft at Brighton

3D work installed in nurseries, forest schools, homes, public parks, National Trust gardens, cafes, offices, refugee camps, events.

Work by Ellen Mulcrone

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