Colette Woods

Colette grew up in West Sussex, so the coast is always close to her heart. Pebble walks and hearty fish suppers still evoke childhood memories. At the age of fourteen, Colette moved to Somerset, where she still lives. She paints dramatic landscapes and still life and especially loves fish. Colette is interested in the abstraction of form and the pursuit of simplicity. She studied surface design for her degree and feels that this has helped with her practice. She understands the subtleties and nuances of layers, the balance of colour and the energy that can be found in line. Colette has pursued other careers, but has always painted and in the last five years she has dedicated her whole time to it.

When she paints she feels like she’s connecting with something bigger. The dialogue between her and the canvas is intense and almost meditative and totally addictive.

Born 1965

Foundation art - Bristol

BA Hons degree, surface design- Taunton 

Work by Colette Woods

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