Cecilia Fattorini

After a peripatetic Diplomatic childhood and, more recently, postings to Pakistan, Africa and the Middle East Cecilia has returned to Somerset, where she will continue to process the ideas and inspirations collected on her travels. Cecilia’s work is primarily concerned with our impact on the world, our experience in it and the understanding we derive, both personally and collectively during our allotted time. Her subject matter is sourced from the rhythms and processes of nature and the spatial illusions created by the movement of light, as it fragments and mutates the significance of form. The intention of her pictures is to penetrate through any material or conceptual interpretation to look within and beyond what we actually see and find an alternative dimension which eclipses culture, loss, violence and fear. In aiming to make the invisible visible, it is a search for the rhythm which drives nature, transcends the individual, and helps us to accept and run with what we have, making peace with ourselves and our diminutive contribution during our passage. She has work in private collections in UK, America and the Middle East.

Work by Cecilia Fattorini

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