Caroline Cornelius

Caroline Cornelius is a painter whose works has been exhibited in prestigious art

institutions and galleries including Royal Academy and Royal Watercolor Society.

Caroline's emotionally eloquent, subtle watercolours explore a certain fragility and

fleetingness inherent in life and in particular, a woman's life. Using intimate scenes from

her personal experience as her main source of inspiration, her work is an exploration of

the female form and the duality of ageing and maturing: the mutability of beauty and the

confidence that comes with self-acceptance.

"Motherhood has brought a perspective on the particular angst experienced by teenage

girls - raising questions about body image and being comfortable in your own skin, often

seen through the lens of my own teenage daughters - pictured on seemingly idyllic

holidays - lying by a sunlit pool, skiing or hiking in woodlands."

Caroline draws on her past experience as a textile designer to search for incidental

patterns using a limited colour palette to simplify and stylise her work. Inspired by the

sparsity, patterning and flattening of the picture plane found in Japanese woodcuts,

Caroline has mastered the medium of watercolour - creating her own vocabulary of colour

washes, areas of resistance, and a soft dreamy palette that echoes the themes of her


Education I Art Foundation, Chelsea School of Art; BA Fashion Design with Printed

Textiles, Brighton University

Awards I Winner of the Royal Watercolour Society Social Media Award

Solo Exhibitions I Moment Exhibition, Alison Milne Gallery (Canada), 2021

Group Exhibitions I Royal Watercolour Society Contemporary Competition 2022; False

Starts. The Old School Gallery (Northumberland) 2022; A Room of her Own, Irving

Contemporary (Oxford) 2022; WOP4 Blue Shop Cottage (London) 2022; Royal Academy

Summer Exhibition (London), 2021; A Chorus of Bodies, Lilya Gallery (London), 2021;

Figurative Now! Summer 2021 Federation of British Artists, Mall Galleries (London), 2021;

Everything is Water if you look long enough, Coles Gallery (Leeds), 2021; Christmas

Group Show 2020, Prince and Pilgrim Gallery (London), 2020; Art on a Postcard, Annual

Auction, 2020; Royal Watercolour Society's Contemporary Competition, Bankside Gallery

(London), 2020; Wells Contemporary Art Show, Wells Cathedral (London), 2019; Royal

Watercolor Society's Contemporary Competition, Bankside Gallery (London). 2019:

Hatch Gallery Fresh Show, Christchurch (Dorset), 2019; Royal Watercolour Society's

Contemporary Competition, Bankside Gallery (London), 2018; Royal Watercolour Society's

Contemporary Competition, Bankside Gallery (London), 2017

Work by Caroline Cornelius

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