Anthony Rogers

Anthony Rogers is a sculptor based in Frome, Somerset, who works  with wood. His work is inspired by the flowing lines and swirling rhythms of the land, the dynamic energy of the natural world. Before he became a full-time artist Anthony trained and worked as an archaeologist for several years, from this experience he retained a concern for the underlying structure of a place, an awareness of more than just the visible. It is this idea of looking beneath the surface which is fundamental to his art - his concern is not in recording the tangible, but in a more intuitive response to his surroundings; discerning the unseen elements, the interconnections, the layers of meaning.

Anthony has exhibited extensively throughout the U.K .and participated in sculpture symposiums both in the U.K  and on the continent, including ‘SculpTree ’events at Westonbirt Arboretum. He has completed large-scale sculpted seating for public art projects in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Sussex and Somerset and has also worked on numerous garden-scale commissions, often dead trees carved in situ, such as a seven-metre high sculpture on the Isle of Mull. 


Work by Anthony Rogers

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