Angela Morley

She was brought up in the countryside where meadows, woodland and streams where her playground. Her parents were ceramicists but she chose to study sciences which led to a degree in Horticulture in 1986. She spent most of her time working as a horticulturist; teaching and designing gardens.


About 20 years ago she started working with willow and natural materials and in 2003 enrolled on a foundation art course at Farnham (Surrey).


Her work celebrates the beauty of the individual fibre, twig or piece of wood, its smooth or twisted grain, texture, colour or tendrils... The work aims to be completely natural and “invites you to witness up close the subtle colours and textures of often overlooked materials”.


She is fascinated by the strength that comes from weaving individual twigs and she reflect on the intricate web that binds all forms of life.


Design, ecology and sustainability inform her work, be it gardens or her sculptural willow forms.

 Angela Morley Garden Design BSc. (Hort);  Dip PSGD

Plantswoman  ~  Designer  ~ Maker

Work by Angela Morley

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