George Collett


George draws inspiration from ancient cave paintings and glyphs in order to contemplate how we as individuals fill our environments and how we interact with them. His artistic practice is

more about enjoying the process of creating, rather than striving to meet a systemised

conclusion. Creativity is not the means to an end, but the end itself. He see’s creating as a

meditative process and the perspective it gives helps him to see the world in which he

exist’s. His line work is reminiscent of the childhood illustrations we all made, and there is

beauty in the infant like joy of endlessly drawing; not focusing on the final product but

enjoying the odyssey of creating.


His newest project is focused on turning  iconography from petroglyphs into 3D works he calls The Beings and combines it with their linework;

Thus making something idiosyncratic out of something familiar. It is through this process that

George elucidates what is in his head, bringing it from the private into the public

sphere, making it relatable through use of combined imagery. While the creative forces bring

the inner workings of their mind onto the table; George also explores the use of different

mediums in order to bring pieces to fruition.  Most recently Ceramics. He experiments with using canvas of different sizes, digital mediums, sculpture, and wood to further diversify the creative, meditative process.



Work by George Collett

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