Emma Maiden

Emma's favourite sources of inspiration are museums and ethnographic collections in the UK and around the world. Objects from distant cultures and centuries fill her sketchbooks and these are her resorvoir of shapes, feelings, ideas, that are revisited, finding shapes and ideas that spark ideas for new sculptures. She develops her ideas through drawings, and often carves hand-held blocks of hardened clay to see how they will look in the round. Sometimes these will grow to a whole series on her studio shelf before the form feels 'right'.

Emma carves the original form she's going to cast in bronze from solid plaster, and extends and alters it by adding wire armature and wet plaster as necessary. It's a method that suits the way she works: Emma's a carver not a modeller. She likes the way set plaster responds to carving, honing, scraping and polishing. In the finished bronze the subtle marks and textures of making are captured within the patina, and form and surface are unified.


Work by Emma Maiden

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