Cara Campbell

Following an idyllic childhood in Herefordshire and a History degree at LSE, she washed up in a Portobello drinking den as its secretary. Having none of the necessary skills, she started designing fliers for the various ‘nites’ and resolved to make a career out of it.  On the strength of these, she got a scholarship to attend the fresco school of Leonetto Tintori in Tuscany. Ever since, she has relished these ancient techniques of painting; the marble-smooth surface of damp lime plaster and the vivid spectrum of pure pigments it absorbs, are deeply satisfying. Since her return to Herefordshire in 1999, she has rediscovered a compelling fascination for the nature that surrounds her and finds fresco the perfect medium to immerse herself in its exquisite detail, so often overlooked.

She has exhibited from London to Melbourne and her work is in several public and private collections. She has also been commissioned to decorate walls and rooms for private clients around the world, combining fresco and stucco work for clients such as Christopher Gibbs, Iwan Wirth and Windsor Castle.

Work by Cara Campbell

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