Ann Nazereth

Her work is inspired by everyday life. Re-interpreting objects by weaving them in paper cord, from the humble teabag to the complete tea set and tray, her pieces are contemplative and playful, but afford these ordinary objects with new qualities and give them a different kind of value, and become the beginning of a new conversation on the nature of the object. She has been a maker since she was a child, acquiring a range of textile skills as needed, these included knitting, sewing and tapestry, in order to create ever more complex pieces from a range of materials. Through a mastery of traditional techniques combined with a contemporary practice as a maker, my work has a timeless quality whilst being very much of its time. As a mature student she took a degree in Constructed Textiles followed by courses in basket-making allowing her to create her signature 3-dimensional objects.

Work by Ann Nazereth

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