Alison Bassett

Folktales, morals and old wives’ tales, overheard stories and the proverbial wisdom of the superstition are the pro dominant themes and interests that are common through my work. There’s a real beauty in stories handed down from generation to generation, words of advice as we make the same mistakes, repeat the same heartbreaks and share the same love and joy. 

Working on canvas, pieces are stitched together in a patchwork, displaying figuration and pattern with fragments from my written works. I feel this combination of elements allows me to communicate my thoughts to gently tell a story which I believe can be relatable to us all. 


Current work showing at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Penzance.

Coming up-

 A room of ones’ own, Irivng contemporary, March 2022

Unstable monuments, group show, Bristol, April 2022

 felt collections 02, May 2022. 


December 2021 – light at the end, group show, that art gallery, Bristol. 

December 2021 – commissioned Christmas card for Newlyn Art Gallery and the exchange, Penzance. 

November 2021- Nutopia. Group show, Jupiter Gallery, Newlyn. 

October 2021 – Felt collection 01, A collection curated by Francesca Wilson and Tintin Macdonald. Peckham, London. 

June 2021 - The top 100. A show of the top 100 affordable contemporary artists selected by London art critic, kate bryan, katy Wickremesinghe, Benjamin murphy and Francesca Wilson. Brixton,London. 

April 2021 – I recorded a film about my practise for a palace of cultures at Newlyn Art Gallery November 2020 - The autumn auction with the auction collective. 

September 2019 - Equinoxy - A Leth group exhibition, Leth exhibition space.
works by Ali Corder, Simon Bayliss, Melanie Stidolph, Lucy Stein, Ben Sanderson, Abigail Robertson, Finlay Abbott Ellwood, IIker Cinarel, Andy Harper, Michael Eddy. 

June 2019 - Sol Force - group show- Tremenheere sculpture gardens.
Curated by Jesse Leroy smith, works by Ali Corder, Jesse Leroy smith, Samuel Bassett, Matthew Bennington, Roger Thorpe, Ilker Cinarel. 

June-October 2019 - Newlyn art gallery, the studio exhibition space. A three-part show- the devils’ trumpeters, the masked paraders and the narcissists drumroll. 

May 2018 - Yeah Penwith.- Borlase Smart exhibition room, Porthmeor Studios.
A group show; works by Elizabeth Loveday, Ben Sanderson, Sax Impey, Samuel Bassett, Micheal Eddy, Simon Bayliss, Andy Harper, Rosie kliskey. 

March 2017 - Transitions - Newlyn Art Gallery. Personal proverbs and putdowns. 

December 2016 - Picture this- group show Penwith Gallery. St Ives.
Works by Ali Corder, Sovay Berriman, Annie Bungeroth, Janet McEwan, Caroline Pedler, Emma Saffy Wilson, Gillian Wylde. 


Work by Alison Bassett

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