Dan Miles
Dan Miles

Daniel's work is ever evolving, often beginning with simple primary forms or numbers and shifting gradually. He is primarily concerned with love and the interconnections within his life to others as well as the natural world and our connection to it. Many of the objects he creates appear calm and aesthetically pleasing,  yet the processes used in their creation are often incredibly noisy, dusty and aggressive. Most of these pieces are born quite violently and very rapidly as the act of working upon them is an acute focus of intent upon the material gradually relenting to the final caress of finishing touches.

"I am a maker of ever changing forms, that grow and develop intuitively, often there is a plan or an ideal , but what I have found is that the moments when things do not go to plan are the moments when I really have to be creative and fluid and on my toes.
Happy accidents or surprise developments, it's good to surprise yourself its great to feel inspired
In those moments when we are not in control and remain open to possibility we are exposed vulnerable I often have no idea what I am doing or why I am doing it and have to trust in feeling my way through the darkness, follow the scent of an idea to its conclusion or its many possibilities"

This work seems able to cross some of the supposed boundaries between art and craft as he tends to use many traditional and some may say obsolete skills and tools alongside computer aided design and manufacturing processes to create contemporary interventions and objects.